Newark Wire Cloth Co.
351 Verona Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
Phone: (800) 221-0392
  (973) 483-7700
Fax: (973) 483-6315
Contact: Richard W. Campbell
Company Description:
The Newark Wire Cloth Company, established in 1911 is a custom job shop specializing in supplying wire cloth and fabricated wire cloth parts. Newark Wire Cloth serves a diverse cross section of industry. Our customer base includes both domestic and international accounts serving customers in aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other smaller niche type areas.
Company Specialties:
Whether you need a small quantity, cut pieces, slit coils, several rolls, or container loads of a standard wire cloth commodity, or a custom woven specification contact Newark Wire Cloth. Any Metal! Any Mesh! Any Weave! Newark carries a wide variety of “stock”. In many cases, we’ll have what you need “on the shelf”. Stainless Steel (304, 304L, 316, and 316L), Nichrome, Hastelloy, Inconel, and Silver are all considered “stock” materials, in various mesh count and wire diameter combinations.

Fabricated Wire Cloth Parts are our specialty! Welding, soldering, stamping, forming, rolling, drawing are all “in-house” operations. Whether your part requires a sheet metal angle ring, a perforated support, a sintered wire mesh insert, a handle, or even a replaceable screen element you can turn to Newark Wire Cloth for experience and expertise. If your need is for a “brand new part”, or one that’s been supplied before, your inquiry and order will be handled professionally in a timely fashion. Consider Newark Wire Cloth Company your source for wire cloth parts, from prototype to production quantities.

If you are looking for Wire Cloth, Baskets and/or Wire Mesh Trays, Strainers, Test Sieves, wire mesh cylinders or shapes, stamped discs, large diameter circle cut discs (up to 18 ft. diameter) or any other non-descript part using wire mesh, and/or perforated metal, and/or sheet metal give Newark Wire Cloth a call: 800-221-0392; Fax: 973-483-6315, email:

We meet your wire cloth needs.