When appropriate to changing conditions, technology and the business climate, the Institute organizes and sponsors short courses, seminars and conferences to give its members the opportunity to interface with selected experts.

As required, the Institute forms various committees and task forces who meet independently, under the guidance of legal counsel, to discuss situations of mutual interest and to develop programs and procedures for the benefit of the membership.

As an example, one of the most active task forces is the Operating Management Committee, who reviews labor relations and employee policies with the goal of improving the relationship between management and its labor force.

Realizing that Institute members as a group are responsible for a substantial volume of freight, another committee is involved in on-going negotiations with national and international freight carriers for discounted rate schedules. This option is available excusively to all Institute members to minimize shipping costs.

Virtually every aspect of the manufacture, distribution, sale and use of wire cloth is monitored, addressed and communicated to all members of the Institute on an on-going basis.

Semi-annual conferences, seminars and regular reporting by Institute committees and task forces cover updates and activities in all areas including:

  • Economic outlooks
  • Advancing technology
  • Quality standards
  • Production processing
  • Human resources
  • Employee relations
  • Customer relations

he American Wire Cloth Institute was founded
in 1933 by a group of wire cloth producers
interested in furthering good business practices and assuring a healthy future for this vital industry.

Today, the Institute speaks with one voice on behalf of its U.S. and Canadian membership, maintaining the communications necessary for cooperative effort to meet ever-changing business environments and advancing wire cloth technology.
Institute members in the United States and Canada, along with business
contemporaries, are working together to
anticipate issues, to solve problems, and to
attain mutual goals while promoting a deeper
understanding of our industry throughout
North America.

  • To establish, sustain and promote the standards for wire cloth sold throughout North America.
  • To promote the use and sale of wire cloth products throughout North America.
  • To act on behalf of the wire cloth industry in addressing issues and questions relevant to the industry and members of the Institute.
  • To respond to all industry and governmental requests for industry status and statistical reports.

  The Institute is an unincorporated membership association operating under the laws of the State of New York and is directed by a full time Secretary, with appropriate staff, who coordinate activities. The Institute is recognized by governments, the press and other associations as representing our industry. The membership directs activities through delegation of authority as detailed in the Institute's Bylaws.      

  The Institute is continuously monitored and represented by legal counsel. The programs and activities of the Institute, including statistical studies and published minutes of meetings, are reviewed to ensure complete compliance with antitrust laws governing associations. The AWCI Antitrust Policy is available here.